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Stipulated Vehicle Release Agreement Form

When an unshakable vehicle becomes the property of the State government, it is disposed of or crushed by public auction. Victoria Police do not provide any information on where vehicles are sold or crushed to parties. The vehicle can only be released to the registered operator, i.e. the person on whom the vehicle is registered in accordance with VicRoads. To allow an interested party or a third party to recover the vehicle, he needs an authorization form signed by the registered operator for third parties or, failing that, a court decision. You can still pick up your vehicle if your vehicle is not registered, even if you need to arrange a convenience store or trailer or provide a copy of your unregistered authorization to pay for and pick up the vehicle. because of the driver of the motor vehicle who committed a crime. If the motor vehicle is registered with a company, we can only release the car and / or property to the director of the company – a copy of the current extract of the COMPANY ASIC must be provided to prove who is the director of the company. If the director is unable to retrieve the vehicle, he can use the form for the third-party authority in conjunction with the current ASIC company extract. Please check your thawing form for the storage location. If your vehicle is not picked up three days after liberation, it will be transported to the municipal camp. If you received a defective claim when you seized the vehicle, you must comply with the “terms of use” indicated on the defect during pickup.

Therefore, if you are the registered operator of the vehicle but do not have a criminal record, the request would be due to the driver`s prior driving history. If a Victorian police officer has given you a delivery notification and you cannot drop off your vehicle on the date and time indicated, please contact the Victoria Police Officer who delivered the message to you. We do not keep vehicles confiscated by the city council. Detailed information on the thawing, decommissioning or degradation of vehicles can be found in the Road Safety Act (Vic) 1986. Victoria Police may apply in court for a motor vehicle to be seized, stopped or ordered because of a driver`s criminal offence. Please note the following sections to determine the situation applicable to the motor vehicle. Please email this proof of ownership to before participating to pick up your vehicle. This documentation must be verified and if you are satisfied, you will be updated as the owner and we can share the vehicle for you. You will receive this letter because your vehicle or the vehicle you were driving was previously intercepted. Personal property can only be picked up by appointment by the registered operator or by an authorised third party. Please note that anything attached or screwed onto the vehicle cannot be recovered. If you decide to abandon your vehicle, it becomes the property of the Land government (vest in the crown) and is disposed of.

A person who receives such notification of the application may not sell, transfer or assign his interest in the motor vehicle until the matter is settled in court. To support this, a block was installed on the vehicle to stop the transfer of ownership by VicRoads or other road companies. You can arrange another person to pick up your vehicle by completing the “Authorizing a Vehicle to an Authorized Third Party” form. Then, name the person you intended to pick up the vehicle and have the document signed by you and that person. If you own the vehicle, but the vehicle is not registered in your name in accordance with VicRoads, you must provide proof of ownership, such as: you have 30 days from the date indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding to decarcas a vehicle as abandoned to recover your vehicle upon seizure. If you are not present before the closing of the operation by the deadline, the vehicle passes to the property of the Land Government (kronen vests) and is no longer available for pickup.. . . .