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Euc Agreement

Most companies run on a combination of public and private clouds. Coexistence poses its own challenges: VDI silos, data silos, administrative complexity, and fragmented user experiences. NetApp helps by decoupling VDI applications and data from the location. We enable a consistent, repeatable, and predictable experience in any cloud. Insecure files can be easily exchanged between users and allow you to modify table areas that should remain constant. This may result in larger errors or allow confidential and confidential information to be accessed by unauthorized users. These features make end-user computing attractive and critical for business structures, but also complicate management and control. EUC applications are not monitored in the same way as traditional applications and management often lacks transparency about the integrity of EICs in the enterprise. The benefits of EUCs therefore effectively represent risks for the companies that rely on them. The risk to end-user computers is a problem since the presence of Excel databases® spreadsheets and access®.

Any application that leaves system-based processes in the hands of an average user represents a CUE risk. “With the increase in regulatory reporting requirements, the use of EUC applications in the organization has also increased…