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Patent Transfer Agreement Template

Patents are very valuable assets. As with other assets, patents can be sold entirely (assigned) or licensed on the terms under which the parties wish to agree. Under Section 30 (6) (a) of the Patent Act 1977, the assignment must be made in writing in the event of a patent assignment and signed by the Oder on behalf of the assignee. This assignment provides for a number of obligations of the assignee, including the obligation to support the assignee on practical and legal issues relating to the patents granted. Guarantees are also granted to ensure the validity of the transfer and to reassure the agent. 7.2 Procuration. If, at any time, for any reason, the agent is unable to obtain the agent`s signature on letters, patents, copyrights or trademark applications, or applications for registration or other documents or submissions, Acting on any of the reasons assigned or for any other reason, the plenipotentiary irrevocably designates the plenipotentiary and its plenipotentiary and duly authorized agents to its plenipotentiaries and lawyers, for and on its behalf, and instead of carry out and present all these requests, records and other documents, as well as any other lawfully authorized activity, in order to support the continuation of this task with the same force and effect that it is carried out. Patents are referenced in the document and must be defined in a timetable. A high degree of caution should be exercised when completing the timetable. Full and complete information on the patents to be transferred should be provided to the extent that it should be possible to obtain from the calendar all the patents relevant to the transfer, without reference to other documents. [For patents, a formal assignment must be made to the USPTO Office within 3 months of the implementation of this agreement, under] 5. Representations and guarantees.

The Assignor assures and guarantees to the plenipotentiary that: the Assignor exclusively owns all rights, titles and interests on and on the assigned property; The Assignor has not granted or will not grant licences or other rights to property granted to third parties; The property assigned is free of any right to pledge, charge, interest in safety and limit transmission; To the agent`s knowledge, the intellectual property awarded under the assigned property does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties; there is no legal action, investigation, claim or procedure concerning assets surrendered pending or threatened.