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Essay On The Four Agreements

In his essay “Genealogy of Modern Racism” (2002), Cornel West argues that whites have been conditioned by the structures of modern discourse to treat blacks in poor quality beauty, culture and intellectual abilities. (P.90) Many writers have mentioned the differences between blacks and whites, but most of them oppose the idea that blacks are equal to whites in one way or another. Some of the writers are J. J. Winckelmann, who represented ancient Greece as a world of beautiful bodies. (p.97)… A classic that is arguably the busiest advice of modern times. The children screamed from the sidelines of every sporting event. Encouraging in the whispered ears in the critical moments of life. Always doing your best in this context means something else but. This fourth agreement binds the other three together.

While life is hard and it is impossible to do everything right every time, it is important to do your best at all times. Your best won`t be as good as tomorrow or maybe yesterday. At your best, if your drunk is probably not as good as your best sober. Your best if your fatigue is not as good as your best after a long night`s rest. Generally regarded as an author of Toltec, Ruiz takes on a shamanistic aspect in all his work and refers to ancient Mexican oral traditions when he teaches readers how to apply these motivational agreements. The Four Agreements have been the New York Times bestsellers for more than a decade and were followed in 2015 by several other global bestsellers, including The Toltec Art of Life And Death. Ruiz`s schedule for authors` engagement and motivating conference trips has been dramatically shortened after suffering a severe heart attack in 2002, and since his heart transplant in 2010, he has lived a much sweeter life in his parents` home in California. It`s the only time I feel like I`m doing what I want, unlike what I have to do. The more my life moves towards the attempt, the moment I admit to living more, the better I do and the better I improve. Three years ago, I entered my personal dream and started changing my contracts.

I started a journey of self-healing. It was just a matter of finally living in peace, open and free, but first I had to go through some old childhood wounds that had kept me hostage all my life. After reading Don Miguel Ruiz`s four chords, I realized that in my life I lived other people`s dreams and not mine. We decided early on what I should do, what was possible and what was not. From birth, our parents, our schools and the Church tell us what to think. Unconsciously, we have made agreements with them to live our lives according to their rules. Don Miguel believes that these agreements are limited to themselves and shares four agreements, that if we adapt to our lives, we will get peace and happiness. The fourth chord is Alway`s Do Your Best. I was really interested in this agreement. I never did my best. Whether it`s homework, tests or simple tasks for your parents.

Always do your best, get you moving forward in life and that`s something I try to improve every day. And I`m getting better, but I haven`t given my full 110% as John Stockton. By experimenting and working on this, I will be able to reach new heights and be a much happier person.