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Agreement On A Stamp Paper

You can use this old stamp paper for a new chord. But, you should keep in mind that, in accordance with section 29 Indian Stamp Act, stamp seller makes an entry in the registration and on the stamp paper with respect to all the details of the person who sold the stamp and the purpose for which it was purchased. Such stamp paper can only be used for this purpose. For example, if stamp paper is purchased for the deposit of the sale, it cannot be used for any purpose other than the execution of a deed of sale. for the repayment of advanced or pre-having money, by an existing or future loan or debt – (2) The deposit, deposit or mortgage on the personal property, if not a pledge, a pledge or a mortgage for its repayment of advanced loans, or by an existing or future debt – The same duty that is withdrawn on a mortgage. *1. [Declaration I. – For the purposes of Clause 1 of this article, notwithstanding all decisions or orders of a jurisdiction or injunction by a public authority, a letter, a note, a memorandum or a letter of deposit of property, whether they were written or made before or at the time the deposition of the deeds of ownership took place or was made, and whether it is the guarantee of the first loan or an additional loan or an additional loan taken later, this letter, a mention, any memorandum or writing, is considered to be an instrument proving a deposit agreement of property, in the absence of a separate agreement or an agreement to deposit these instruments of ownership.] Exemption (1) Omis (2) Assumption letter accompanying a change. For the purposes of this article, the maximum tariff of ten lakh rupees must be applied for a single instrument participating in a single transaction. The instrument of another transaction or subsequent transaction relating to the same property or extension clause in the same instrument is considered a new instrument.] STAMPS TO BE USED – Non-Judicial Stamp Paper (NJ) under Rule 6 or Impressed Label/Special Adhesive Stamp, affixed by an officer as a rule in accordance with Rule 11. Statement I. – For the purposes of this article, where, in the case of an agreement to sell a property, the property is transferred to the purchaser before execution or at the time of execution, or after the execution of that agreement, this agreement is considered a transport and stamp tax accordingly: that the provisions of Section 32A mutatis and which is considered a movement as mentioned above, as they are considered for promotion under this section: provided that, if a transport is carried out later in accordance with this agreement, if any, which has already been paid and withdrawn from the sale agreement, which is considered a movement , is suitable for all tax subjects.

Statement II. – For the purposes of clause (d), – (i) the unit includes an apartment, an apartment, a rental house, a block or any other named unit; (ii) where a building consists of units used for both residential and non-residential purposes, the tax concession is set at the value of those units for the value of the units of a building used for residential purposes and the customs duties payable for the units of the building that are used; (iii) The duty payable may not exceed the duty payable in accordance with points b) and c);