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Aa Vehicle Repair Agreement

c. The claims centre will allow all covered repairs, minus your deductible, if any. Complaints must be notified within 7 days of the error. If you do not declare a claim within this time frame, it could affect our ability to assess and pay for your repair. 5. If the administrator finds that the claim falls within the scope of your contract, an authorization number is issued as soon as the fee has been agreed. All repair times are based on Autodata. Bought a car a month ago from Lurier car sales in Spaulding. Good guy, by the way. Got 12 months aa warranty, a week ago the blue warning light began to appear, so the warranty rang explained and was booked in the garage. Turns out it`s a defective injector guarantee that doesn`t touch it and won`t pay for diagnostic tests or a complete waste of time! The policy doesn`t seem to cover anything, it`s a scam and the aa doesn`t matter. Andy at the sale of the car at Bay Baum actually pays for my repairs because he thinks what`s going on is wrong. one.

Allow the repairman to diagnose your vehicle. I changed cars 3 years ago and I informed the A.A. However, the warranty on my original car was not transferred to my new vehicle and I was not told I had to do anything, I assumed that the warranty I was paying would be automatically transferred. I recently had an outage (which was then very well treated by the AA mechanic). I was informed that the warranty had not been transferred. The repair of troubleshooting was very expensive and I came out of my pocket paying for it as well as for 3 years for an unnecessary warranty. Since then, I have called the AA and transferred the warranty to my current vehicle. Had Garage Parts and Labour cover on my vehicle with the troubleshooting cover and if my clutch suddenly failed, don`t carry everything and anyone from the AA patrol that participated, arranged my rental car and recovery my car at my choice, to deal with the Damage Department Inc was so easy and focused on customer satisfaction, I can`t thank or recommend the AA and there are enough parts/garage coverage. 100% satisfied. Bought a car from v12 Newcastle under Lyme. He had a month and noticed a shot from below somewhere.

Booked in a garage by the warranty company when I arrived in the garage was told they would no longer cover aa warranty. Said to go to a local garage of warranty people. Gone to two said they do not take Aa warranty. Took the car back to v12, which said they can`t do anything, so the warranty company had to call back to say, while on noisy speaker in the v12 office, that I`m a link. Got into another aa approved garage that my car all day had to tell me back at 5pm, if the warranty people let them know that the claim has passed, they will then book the car again for repair.